Visiting season 2019

There will be no mountain farming in 2019 on Blomåsen.


Blomåsen used to be a small farm earlier but is now run as a mountain farm in Mosvik.




There are cows on Blomåsen.


Blomåsen is situated in Mosvik in Inderøy comunity. From Blomåsen you have a marvelous view over Trondheimsfjorden.

Getting there

Follow Fv 755 until you take of the road an in to Fv 192 Åsbygdveien against Sliper. You can drive all the way by car or bus.

Hosts: Eli Anne and Karin with family

Owners: Karin og Einar Johannes Sundset

Visiting season: No mountain farming in 2019

Location: In Mosvik. Follow Fv 192 Åsbygdveien.

GPS coordinates: 63*47’39” North (lat) and 10*57’20” East (long)

Phone: 95466530 (Eli Anne) and 97625682 (Karin)