Visiting season 2019

There will be no mountain farming in 2019.


Interesting museum, open by appointment, phone Kyrre Sørheim on 976 51 675.

Prestlia has got an interesting museum with collection of old items of utilities. We tell about the use of these items to create a good understanding. We also have a collection of mountain farming history.


Prestlia has been habited from 1612 till 1839. Today, we are still able to find direct relatives to those who kept the farm in the 1830s. The property belonged the farm Hølås Nedre from 1849, and the mountain farm was kept with both goats and cows up untill 1969.

The shed is from the 1800s, its walls are solid wood fully restored in the 1990s. The old cowshed was demolished during the winter season of 1973, and a new one was built in the same spot to replace it.

A storehouse of round timber, originally from Geitingsvollen in Levanger, is from about 1814. It is fully restored and isolated. In the ground floor is dining and meeting facilities. In second floor is the lodging.


From Prestlia yoy can go hiking on Flintheia. There is an old mountainfarm road which goes past Durmålshaugen and to the mountainfarms on Flintheia.


By appointment, there are three permanent beds with the possibility of more on the second floor in the storehouse. The storehouse can also be used for meetings and have room for about 10 persons.

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Hosts: Solvår and Kyrre Sørheim, owners of Hølås Nedre and Prestlia
Visiting season: No mountain farming in 2019.
Location: Prestlia is located by Grønsjøen, about 15 km north of Leksvik center. Turn of the road by Rota farm. 600 m to drive by car or bus from the main road.
GPS coordinates: 63º 45′ 22″ North (lat), 10º 35′ 02″ East (long)
Phone: +47/ 976 51 675 (Kyrre)