Visiting season 2020

No visiting season in 2020.




During the 1700s Tronstadsetran was situated in Bjørsholan. Later, it was mover further forward and farming continued till the 1950s. A new mountain farm was built in 1990, which is now being run.


Here, the entire stock are dairy cows. On the farm you may, however, also find calves, rabbit, hens, cats, sheep and lamb.

Food and drink

Your will be served traditional waffels, ‘svele’ and pancakes with sour-cream and ‘gomme’ with a good cup of coffee here at Tronstadsetran. We also might have “kalvedans”. We are happy to extend the hours of service upon order.


At Tronstadsetran wheel chairs are not a problem, but unfortunately we do not have a handicap toilet. Coaches are welcome to drive all the way up to the property.


It is possible for two persons to spend a night in “Dokk-stua” on Trondstadsetran. Please ask in advance.

Hosts: Lilly, Lars og Nils Tronstad
Owner: Nils Tronstad
Visiting season:
Where: Follow road Fv 755 South from Leksvik and road Fv 85. About 3 km from the main road. You can drive car or bus all the way there.
GPS coordinates: 63º 40′ 50″ Nord (lat), 10º 33′ 47″ Øst (long)
Phone: 936 33 004 (Lilly) og 984 00 723 (Nils)