Visiting season 2019

3 June – 30 June


Wednesday 4 pm – 9 pm and Sunday 1 pm – 5 pm. Or upon orders.


Rokhaugsetran is estimated to have been run as a farm since the 1700. It was demolished for a long period of time, before being restored in 1927. The mountain farm was then in use till the early 60s.

Animals and activities

Rokhaugsetran wishes to demonstrate the interrelation between humans, animals, nature and wild life. We invite you to see a stock of cows and lambs and rabbits and learn the history of the farm. You can also go jumping in the hay! If you want to you can play “capture the flag” in the woods above the mountain farm.

Hiking – fishing – swimming

From here, there are a variety of trails to lakes, mountain tops and other farms. Julvatnet is only a couple of hundred metres away, where you may take a swim or go fishing.

We recommend a visit to the ‘wolf stone monument’.

Food and drink

On Sundays we serve the traditional sour-cream porridge. We are happy to extend the hours of service upon orders. For group orders, pleace call in advance. We aim to accommodate any wish.


We have handicap toilet.

Hosts: Anne Brit and Roald (3/6-12/6), Elin and Ingunn with her children Ellinor and Fredrik (12/6-21/6) and Aud and Rune with their children Magnus, Sigurd and Astrid (21/6-30/6).
Owners: Rune and Aud Ramdal
Visiting season: June 3 – June 30
Where: Postsigned from Fv 755 between Leksvik and Mosvik
GPS coordinates: 63º 44′ 33″ Nord (lat), 10º 32′ 51″ Øst (long)
Phone: 918 85 560 ( Aud)