Visiting season 2019

11 July – 5 August


Friday and Saturday 4 pm – 8 pm, Sunday 1 pm- 5 pm


Almåsbakksetran originally belonged to Aalberg ytre. During the 1890s, it was sold to Almåsbakken, after which is was used for farming till the 1960s. Here, they keep a stock of cows and pigs.

This mountain farm is situated right at the entrance to one of the largest excursion areas in the municipality. It offers a wide range of tracks, including also a marked path to both Aunbua and Heibua.

Food and drink

Almåsbakksetran offers its visitors Norwegian waffles with ‘gomme’ on Fridays and saturdays. Sundays we serve sour cream porrige from Tine. We are happy to serve you outside opening hours upon order. We also sell meat from Charolais cattle and products from Romstad farm.


On Almåsbakksetran you can meet cows and pigs. We can teach you how to milk cows if you are visiting us on that time of the day.


We have no bingo in 2019.


Parking at 200m from the farm, however the physically impaired are welcome to park on site.

Hosts: Jan Arne and Solvår Almåsbakk and family
Viviting season: 11 July – 5 August
Location: Signposted from road 755 south of Leksvik town center and from road 85
GPS coordinates: 63º 40′ 03″ north (lat), 10º 27′ 23″ east (long)
Phone: + 47/ 907 20 295