Seterlaget – it’s purpose

Leksvik seterlag was founded April 20, 2009.

Seterlaget is an association for mountain farmers in Leksvik municipality, and surrounding municipalities. The association’s purpose is preserving the history, culture and tradition of mountain farming whilst actively running the property. This includes keeping stock and making local produce as a way of life, however mainly during the summer season.

To the association, mountain farming culture means nature, culture and farming of the surrounding areas which are and have historically been used for mountain farming. The association is also set up as an academic and social meeting point for the mountain farmers.

Seterlaget’s tasks

  • contribute to cooperation concerning the sale and marketing of products and services offered by the mountain farms
  • initiate social gatherings for the mountain farmers
  • increase the competence of the mountain farmers
  • preserve and pass on the culture of mountain farming
  • work to increase cooperation between mountain farms, tourism and various enterprises
  • contribute to increase turnover on the mountain farms

The executive committee in Leksvik seterlag

  • Aud Dagmar Ramdal, head of committee
  • Anne Berit Skjerve Sæther
  • Ove Almåsbakk
  • Kristoffer Moan