Visiting season 2022

July 1 – July 31


Every from Tuesday till Sunday between 12 am and 5 pm


Mevassetran used to be a busy farming area till 1948, including the production of goat cheese and butter, as well as selling milk and sour-cream to mountaineers. The property now includes a cowshed for the summer season and an additional shed.

Panoramic view

The farm is close to Mevatnet and one hour walk to Seter situated between the villages of Vanvikan and Leksvik. The area offers panoramic views of the fjord and surrounding mountains and forrests.

Trekking and climbing

Here, mountain trekking is excellent. We recomment combining a trip to Mevassetran with mountain climbing up Munkstigen – there is a marked path. Within reach along this path is Hindremsetran.


At Mevassetran we keep sheep, lamb, cows, calves, rabbit and hens.


We serve traditional mountain farm foods depending on the dairymaid’s reserves. Our speciality is ‘gomme’ made by an old recipe. We are arranging pizza weekend July 23th – 24th.

Planning and guiding

We are happy to assist you in planning a trip, also outside visiting season, including e.g. guided tour, meals and overnight stays.

Hosts: Anne Berit and Per-Arne Sæther
Visiting season: July 1 – July 31
Location: Turn of road 755 at Seter industrial area on Seter and follow the signs. Almost 4 km hiking. There is also a marked trail to Mevassetran from Stegavikdammen on the top of Munkstigen.
GPS coordinates: 63º 35′ 22″ North (lat), 10º 19′ 43″ East (long)
Phone: +47/ 917 05 215 and +47/ 958 73 408
E-mail: and