Visiting season 2022

July 16 – August 14


We have facilities for dining both outdoor and indoor in our restored mountain farm cowshed. Dining is between 12 am and 5 pm every day except Mondays. We serve ennobled products from out cattle like speketallerken” and “Flintheiboller” on Sundays. These are also for sale, like our “spekepølse”. For coffee we serve you a sort of pancake with gum.

We prefer vipps. If you use cash, pleace pay the exact amount. We do not have a bank terminal.


There has been mountain farming on Mosetran since the 18th hundred until 1960. Goats and cooking cheese from the goat milk was the main issue.

Mosetran has en exciting history from the second world war. It was a hiding place for jewish people and serbs running away from the nazies. You can learn more about all these histories visiting us.


July 30th: Durmålstrimmen (hiking trip).

August 4th: Accordion by/ “Toraderan”. 5 p.m. Food sales.

August 9rd: “Takk for livet – 2. world war and local resistance work”. Lecture and film in the mountain farm barn. Kristoffer Moan and Thomas Kruksve. 7 p.m. – 9 p.m. Registration.

August 12th – 14th: A part off the arrangement “Et sted nær deg” directed by Trøndersk Matfestival.

We are arranging several guided tours to Utsikten, Bjønnahiet and Johan-steinen. The theme is second world war when Mosetran played a key role. The will also be announced other arrangements due to the mountain farming.


There are several posibilities for hiking in the area. Some off them are marked.  Popular hiking patches are Utsikten, Durmålshaugen, Flintheia and Storhåmmern. You can also take a wake from the main road in Rota to the mountain farm.


Sheep, lams, cows and calfes are grassing in the area and will see you around. There will also be other animals on the mountain farm.


The adress is Flintheiseterveien 294. You can drive by car all the way og you can leave the car at the main road and og for a 2,8 kilometers walk. The mountaint farm road have toll on Flintheiseterveien which can be paid by Vipps.


We have a outhouse for use.

Hosts: Kristoffer Moan, Linn Merete Barstad Moan, Marion Sæther Røst and Anna Marie Ree Moan.
Owners: Kristoffer Moan and Linn Merete Barstad Moan
Season: 16. July – 14. August
Location: Flintheiseterveien 294. Signposted from road 755. 2.8 km mountain farm road. You can drive by car all the way there.
GPS coordinations: 63°40’03’’ nord (lat.), 10°27’23’’ øst (long)
Phone: Kristoffer (951 50542) and Linn Merete (916 29885)